Graphene is an alternative material of ITO, and can be used as conductive transparent electrodes for both traditional and flexible electronics; for example, used as the circuit for touch screen and as electrode for display screens. Graphene has a transmittance up to 97.7% and is flexible as well, which enables it to be the fundamental material of flexible display. Besides, the graphene processing is much more environment friendly compared to ITO.


Graphene can be used as heat spreading material to replace current heat spreading materials such as PGS (Pyrolytic Graphite Sheet). The advantages is as shown below:
1) The thermal conductivity of graphene is 5300 w/m`k (13 times of Cu), far beyond all other heat spreading materials.
2) The higher heat conductivity efficiency, lower cost and environment-friendliness enable Graphene a prospective material in this field.
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