Multilayer Graphene Film on Nickel Foil -50mm*100mm


1. Substrate: nickel foil.
2. Size: 50mm*100mm. Multilayer graphene film covers the full area.
3. Larger sizes such as 100mm*100mm, 100mm*200mm are also provided.If you have special requests about the number of layers or sample size, please contact


Samples can can be customized. Contact and tell us your requirements.

Lead time

In stock. Lead time: 1 business days.


The Graphene supplied is produced with chemical vapor deposition (CVD) method. Through high-temperature chemical reaction, graphene films with different atomic layers are deposited on the surface of nickel foils.

1)Customized layers: We provide high-quality monolayer and multilayer CVD graphene.
2) Customized substrate: We provide graphene on different substrates, such as PDMS,glass,quartz, mica,Si,SiO2 and so on.
3) Specialized Graphene: We provide doped graphene, SiC super carrier graphene and other specialized graphene.

Item Substrate Thickness(um) Graphene Layers Size(cm*cm) Growth Method
SC-Gra-0510Ni Nickel Foil 50(Customized) Multilayer 5*10 Chemical vapor deposition
SC-Gra-1010Ni Nickel Foil 50(Customized) Multilayer 10*10 Chemical vapor deposition
SC-Ni-C Nickel Foil Customized Multilayer Customized Chemical vapor deposition