6Carbon Graphene Transparent Conductive Film (6Carbon GTCF) is produced with chemical vapour deposition (CVD) method. The produced graphene will be transferred to the PET,glass,PMMA or other required material.

GTCF can be used to replace the traditional material such as ITO (Indium Tin Oxide), the advantages are as follow:
2)High light transparency and extraordinary optical performance;
3)No rare material used and more ecofriendly;
4)Low temperature transfer process and can be transferred to any substrate.


Mainly used as replacement of ITO in following areas,
1) Touch panel: to achieve flexible and extremely thin touch control.
2) Display: used as window layer material to achieve flexible display.
3) Thin-film solar cells: to replace ITO, FTO and achieve high efficiency thin-film solar cells.


Item Substrate Size Thickness(um) Sheet resistance (ohms/Sqr) Transparence
SC-GTG Glass 30cm*100cm Customized 10~600(Customized) 90%~95%
SC-GTF PET 30cm*500cm 20~200Customized 10~600(Customized) 90%~95%