Graphene has ultrahigh charger mobility and thermal conductivity; the signal loss is much smaller when transmitting through graphene than through other materials. Graphene-Coated Signal Wire can improve the SNR and it is especially useful in systems where high signal quality is required.

6Carbon Graphene-Coated Signal Wire is produced by depositing graphene film on metal wires with CVD method, to reduce line loss and improve the signal quality.


Headphone cable, audio cable, high-frequency signal lines, communication lines, etc..


Item Substrate Substrate Diameter(mm) Graphene Layers Growth Method length(m/roll)
SC-WCu-060 High-purity single crystal copper 0.6 Monolayer Chemical vapor deposition 150
SC-WCu-015 High-purity oxygen-free copper 0.15 Monolayer Chemical vapor deposition 500
SC-WCu-020 High-purity oxygen-free copper 0.2 Monolayer Chemical vapor deposition 300
SC-WCu-030 High-purity oxygen-free copper 0.3 Monolayer Chemical vapor deposition 300
SC-WCu-100 High-purity oxygen-free copper 1.0 Monolayer Chemical vapor deposition 80
SC-WNi-015 Nickel-plated oxygen-free copper 0.15 Multilayer Chemical vapor deposition 300
SC-WNi-020 Nickel-plated oxygen-free copper 0.2 Multilayer Chemical vapor deposition 300