6Carbon Graphene Thermal Spreader (6Carbon GHS) is produced by depositing graphene film on metal or ceramic substrates, followed by some post-processing. Since the thermal conductivity of graphene is up to 5300W / m • K, 13 times that of copper, it can improve the thermal performance significantly. The performance is much better than PGS (Pyrolytic Graphite Sheet).


GHS can be used for thermal management of electronic products, such as mobile phones, tablets and LED products.
6Carbon GHS Testing Video

6Carbon provides standard and customized GHS products.


Item Thickness (um) Thermal Conductivity XY(W/m·K) Thermal Conductivity XY(W/m·K) Thermal Diffusivity(cm2/s) Highest Temperature(℃) Specific Heat Capacity J/kg/℃
SC-GHS-20 20 5300 400 9.2 400 0.39*103
SC-GHS-40 40 5300 30 9.2 400 0.61*103
SC-GHS-50 50 5300 20 9.2 400 0.56*103
SC-GHS-C Customized 5300 Customized 9.2 400 Customized