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3D Graphene foam -50mm*100mm


6Carbon 3D Graphene is produced by depositing graphene films on the surface of 3D metal foam substrates, by means of the 3D microporous framework of foam substrate to form a three-dimensional graphene network. 3D Graphene has advantages of large surface area, high electrical conductivity, light weight, etc..


1)Super capacitors, lithium ion batteries, aluminum batteries, sodium batteries and other electrochemical energy storage devices.
2)Sensor fields, such as chemical sensors, gas sensors.

6Carbon provides 3D Graphene on nickel foam,copper foam, aluminum foam and other metal substrates.


Item Substrate Graphene Layers Growth Method Size(mm)
SC-3dCu-01 3D Graphene on Copper Foam Monolayer Chemical vapor deposition Customized
SC-3dNi-11 3D Graphene on Nickel Foam Multilayer Chemical vapor deposition Customized