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The Most Professional 2D Materials Supplier !

6Carbon Technology (Shenzhen) was set up in 2012, by a group of engineers engaged in the industrialization of graphene.

Since the foundation, 6Carbon has been focused on the R&D of process and equipment of the thin-film material--Graphene, especially the process and equipment used for production with chemical vapor deposition (CVD) method. The advanced technologies obtained are applied to the production of graphene devices. Now, Six Carbon has successfully achieved the goal of graphene industrialization, and can provide high-quality graphene materials and application solutions for downstream application industries, with low cost.

By June 1st, 6Carbon has completed production facilities with annual capacity of 60,000 m2 CVD graphene. 6Carbon is ready to provide products such as Transparent Conductive Film and Graphene Heat Spreaders for customers.