Graphene on Nickel Foil

The Graphene supplied is produced with chemical vapor deposition (CVD) method. Through high-temperature chemical reaction, graphene films with different atomic layers are deposited on the surface of nickel foils.

1)Customized layers: We provide high-quality monolayer and multilayer CVD graphene.
2) Customized substrate: We provide graphene on different substrates, such as PDMS,glass,quartz, mica,Si,SiO2 and so on.
3) Specialized Graphene: We provide doped graphene, SiC super carrier graphene and other specialized graphene.


Item Substrate Thickness(um) Graphene Layers Size(cm*cm) Growth Method
SC-0510Ni-01 Nickel Foil 50(Customized) Multilayer 5*10 Chemical vapor deposition
SC-1010Ni-03 Nickel Foil 50(Customized) Multilayer 10*10 Chemical vapor deposition
SC-1010Ni-04 Nickel Foil 50(Customized) Multilayer 10*20 Chemical vapor deposition
SC-Ni-C Nickel Foil Customized Multilayer Customized Chemical vapor deposition