h-BN Film on Copper Foil

Produced with CVD Method.

1)Customized layers: We provide high-quality monolayer and multilayer CVD graphene.
2) Customized substrate: We provide graphene on different substrates, such as PDMS,glass,quartz, mica,Si,SiO2 and so on.
3) Specialized Graphene: We provide doped graphene, SiC super carrier graphene and other specialized graphene.


Item Substrate Size Growth Method
SC-0510hBN-01 High-purity copper foil 2"*4" Chemical vapor deposition
SC-1010hBN-02 High-purity copper foil 4"*4" Chemical vapor deposition
SC-1010hBN-04 High-purity copper foil 4"*8" Chemical vapor deposition
SC-hBN-C Copper foil Customized Chemical vapor deposition